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As I sat at home during the world lockdown, I got somewhat tired of staring at the walls and watching CNN! During this period, the number of articles and reports I was reading about medical supplies that were either fake or defective was mind boggling. I thought to myself how can it be that under such seriousness of COVID19 and people dying that unscrupulous dealers were taking advantage of the unknowing or how 3M masks began trading as a hot commodity. I was struggling with the injustice of it all and decided that I would try do my small part and try to make a difference while sitting at home with very little to do.

There are many factors that should be considered when establishing a trust, one of the most important of which being the location of the trust. Although there are plenty of options worldwide, New Zealand is becoming one of the more popular trust jurisdictions in the world for several reasons.

Business owners routinely encounter a unique dilemma, questioning whether or not a family office separate from the business itself, would be beneficial to pursue. Wealth Management through a family office is an important resource many high net worth business owners can benefit from.

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